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Komunikace a vzdělávání | Jiří Jung: Video

We learn all our lives.

Some only situations that life itself will bring, others purposefully, with the intention of getting better and better. The combination of both variants is of course the most effective.
For a long time I didn't realize how happy I was to share my experience. Perhaps the practice of a teacher in ZUŠ, and subsequently a salesman and trainer in the financial industry, gradually led me to the point where I am today. I have come to believe that communication is the most important art that opens the door to happiness and freedom. It doesn't matter what we studied and in what field we want to realize ourselves. If we communicate in a way that people love us and trust us, then there is nothing we cannot do. Therefore, it pays to constantly develop this art, learn new ways and then use it for further education in areas that lead to financial freedom.
Jiří Jung

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Komunikace a vzdělávání | Jiří Jung: Video
Komunikace a vzdělávání | Jiří Jung: Events Multiple
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